Grand and Noble Neighborhood

This Neighborhood Includes: Huron and Throop, Grand and Ogden

A retired man from the Grand and Noble area states this: "I left the Grand and Noble area in 1952, entered the service, and went to Korea. In about 1953, I started hearing stories about the Gaylords from people still living in the Grand and Noble area." Another former resident states: "Yes, I heard about the Gaylords in the 50s and 60s. They had to be primarily Italian if they were in the Grand and Noble area. As I understand it, their corner was Grand and Noble!" A retired gang member of The "LAZY GENTS", An Old Chicago gang Is Quoted as Saying: "There was lots of Gaylords around in 1962."

"Our guys were from Grand and Halsted. We were a mixture of Spanish, Greeks and Polish. We had never tried to mess with the Gaylords because they were a large and we knew it, but a incident occur when one of their members dated one of ours girls, it was around 1955. They had partys at the park on Chicago and Noble. Well, we were not happy that they were dating one of our girlfriends. So there were three of us that went to their party to get our girl back. We went inside and there must have been at least 40 to 50 Gaylords with their girls. I went up to one of the leaders and told him we were taking her out of the party. He looked at me and thought I was nuts. We exchange words and we were about to go to it when one of the counselers came and broke us up and told us to leave. The leader told me to watch my back and I told him &%$$#@ himself. Well, we were walking east on Chicago Ave when about 4 or 5 Gaylords cars pulled up. Their colors of their cars were green and yellow, mostly mercurys. I told my buddies let me fight the leader alone and I will let him kick my *#@, that way all of them won't jump us. Well, we got started and he was doing a good job on me. So I play like I was knocked out and we were in front of this grocery store. So they picked me up and through me through the plate glass which I survived. Well, two months later we met up at Wells high school and there was only three Gaylords. So we got into again, this time I won. After that we left each other alone. Years later in the 60's we went to their part's which at that time they had a club on Ohio and Noble. My brother-in law was a member."

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