Friday, March 19, 2004

Hey man, Just wanted to give you props on a Good site, I hope you didn't get mad about the picture I sent, just wanted to see what you would say. Good insight on your club, IM an old IG from back in the early 70's I remember a few of them boys from Palmer St. I even Got high with a few back in the day Big ED, Tarzan, BB and this big Indian dude they called Chief there was another Dude that I used to see around alot he called himself Joey you have his picture on your site under the palmer st dude's. I seen Big Ed on the IDOC he's still locked up, he had a sister named Cindy i used to see her for a bit back when we were in our Teens, I havent been in Chicago since 81 i moved down south and have been here since, Ill never forget these boys and the sh_t we did, but that was a life time ago. Hey if you have any Info on any of these cats and you would like to pass it on it would be cool, oh a friend of mine told me that Tarzan got killed while he was at work if thats true Im sorry to here that. Ne how Good site and whats up with that Gangster sweater with no Bars? Peace out.


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