Thursday, April 15, 2010

From the Leadership of Thee Lawndale and Altgeld Gaylord Nation:

F_ck Gangland, If That was us we would all be dead or in prison,
No family, wifes, kids,grandkids life, Thats not Lawndale, F_ck that blood in blood out, When it was UP TO ME, the in was out to join us you came with us when we attack our enemy's and proved to us that you where with us, why fight your own guy's fight the other guy's

More to come

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Debunking Glenn Beck’s Commentary on the Derrion Albert murder and Chicago gangs

The sensationalism of the Derrion Albert murder was used by Glenn Beck, and Matt Drudge, as a tool to exploit their view on Chicago and its gang problems. They had no background or historical content of what caused gang problems in certain areas of Chicago. A simple trip to the Chicago Public Library, or performing a search on one of the major search engines, would have provided Glenn Beck with the data needed for an intelligent commentary or the gang problems.

Why his commentary lacked facts: 1) Glenn Beck claimed that the weapon used was a railroad tie. Fact: a railroad tie weights between 100 and 125 lbs. The chances of a kid being able to pickup and swing a 100 pound board is totally absurd. 2) That a reason for the gang violence in Chicago was the result of removing prayer from the public schools. Fact 1: gang violence started in the United States during the turn of the century, but there was a real upsurge in gang violence in the 1950s. There were a lot of gang related deaths, including drive by shootings, in both Chicago and New York in the 1950s. The New York Times (1957) even wrote an article to parents presenting the gang jargon of the time so that parents could listen and find out if their children were involved with gangs. Fact 2: Prayer in the public schools was around until 1962/63. Two landmark decisions Engle v. Vitale [1962] and Abington School District v. Schempp [1963] is what ended prayer as we know it in the public schools. If Glenn Beck’s timeline was correct, 1963 would have been the start of the upsurge in gang violence. Unfortunately, gang violence surged ten to fifteen years prior.

We expect a celebrity to use his podium to state facts and not fiction. We know that Glenn Beck hates Chicago because President Obama and Mayor Daley call it their home, but this does not give him a pass to make accusations which are not supported by facts.

See Glenn Beck:

Monday, February 01, 2010

By Professor of MNGL:
MNGL WHITEY is BLACK!!! Thats why we named him WHITEY!! His whole Familly was Mostly White & Hispanic and he was the only Black Kid in Ha-Ha Heights by Montrose & Naraganset.. His older Brother was a KPGL...

Kinda funny, We all "CRASHED" a Keggar-Party on Naragansett by Merrimac-Park and we dint know anybody there so we were all in the Basement sitting on the couch drinking Beer..

There were 4 or 5 of us?? These TEEN-AGERS dint kno that we were really US!!

This is the Funny-Part... This Kid starts talking sh*t about what assholes the MNGL's are... Were just playing along trying to keep "str-8 Faces"!!!

These guys are all talking smack about us behind our backs rite in front of our faces!!! Oh yea!!! There all describing altercations with us and sh*t that theyre making-up as the go along....

"Have you ever heard of that GAYLORD Professor??"

They had lots of UN-TRUE sh*t to say about me!! I was feeling kinda PROUD about being known as a "GREAT-BIG HUGE MONSTER"!!!

They said I was the "Ring-Leader"!!!

"Do you know WHITEY or LiL Animal???" JUNIOR asked... "Oh yea.. They hang with Professor!!!

OK, like I said... MNGL WHITEY is BLACK!! So I ask these Kids, "Whats WHITEY look like???" Oh he's a big Monster too and Blah, Blah, blah...

Then I asked this Kid "WHAT COLOR IS WHITEY???" He looked confused and said "He's WHITE!!!"


HaHaHa!!!!! They looked SICK!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Many thanks to the Popes that bring out the truth,these stories can get a little blown up sometimes but the truth is enough ,we all will have a hard time with telling our stories,you just can't seem to put it into words ,when I finally told my kids some of the stories,they said wow it sounds like you guys were always having fun.....we tell the fun stories but the truth is alot of times were hard,like trying to get back to the bus stop and back to the hood after getting released from 26th and Cal ,when you went in with your colors and left that way too ,or partying for days....everybody young and throwing up everywhere LOL and trying to find that one little spot to sleep it a kitchen chair....everything else was trashed with bodies lying everywhere...LOL last one.....slipping into a 3 story abandoned building drunk as hell on wine and dark as hell you have to crawl around to find a place to sleep....Then the sun finally comes up and you look around and the whole place is full of OLD BUMS .....I was glad to turn 15 and the guys started gettin cars.....growing up in the city was .....a trip.....DC Playboys

Monday, December 07, 2009

RIP Tesse - December 29th, 1976

RIP Harpo - December 26th, 1972

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some of Ratt's last comments to the author M.Scott:

...Brother, you have no ideal how honored to be in both your books and and to have known you all my youth and adult have up and downs and still friends and brothers of a belief. Thanks so much for your accurate account of the truth. Keep on writing!

...if anything ever happens to me, and I can't get a hold of you, please know that in my life it was a honor and pleaser to know you and grow up as lords on the streets in our youths....I miss our days Rock.

Ratt was honorably characterized in both books:

Lords of Lawndale

Lords of Kilbourn

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wow. Just found this site.

I was a midget at the little set of A/A, back in mid '80s. I met a lot of older guys, none I remember now. I remember a few first names, like Keith, Norbert, and Mike. If anyone was around Avers/Altgeld then, please help me remember some of it, and fill in the gaps. I remember also, the Ridgeway/Fullerton battle on July 4th, some of it ran right past my front door. I was like, 13. Dad said there was no way I was going outside, and he meant it.

To try me, somebody told an older kid named Ragweed(?) to rough me up, he lost... after he got up, he had dogs*** on his back, they called him Greg the s***man. My memories are fuzzy now, I remember Hunter, who got me in, and the outrage over Toker and Spy. But I was supposed to get a nickname, and didn't end up getting it. Something big happened, and suddenly everything kinda fell apart. No one was around anymore.

I lived kitty-corner from Mozart, at Palmer and Avers. When I needed cover the most, suddenly no one was around. I learned to fight my way in and out of my own neighborhood alone, with the IGs constantly harassing me and my family. My dad scared the s*** out of the local IG crew chief, picked him up by his neck and told him that if anything happened to me, he would come looking for this guy. If another gang came after me, he would hold this little 'rican responsible, so to look out for me. The IG said he'd bring his boys, my dad told him to bring enough body bags for all his boys.

We moved to the Brickyard area in '87 or '88, just ahead of some POS Cobras and Disciples. In about 1993 I chased a Cobra through Bell Park (Wellington/Oak Park) in broad daylight, in my car, with a shotgun on my lap. He ran like a little bitch. I'm settled now, and I know it's all long gone. But I still got it, if I have to.