Thursday, June 30, 2005

As a sociologist and historian I have to say this is a powerful website. What you have really done is catalog what is the "ethnic cleansing" of poor white communities. If I were you I would rely less on "apologizing" for "racist" content and look at it in its
larger context.

Again, VERY well done,
It is a superior site. It has an air of professional
intimidation about it, which seems to be appropriate

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I purchased the book Lords of Lawndale and it brought back so many memories when I was gang banging. It was like going back in time. Man , those were the day"s. I'm just glad I survived those crazy times. I think with all my experiences it made me stronger person. Pistol Pete
i use to be a scr back about 8 years ago, most of my family were gls from the north side some were, i always had respect for the gaylords and when i was young i always wanted to be one because the were only the 1 true gang that stayed all white. when i was a royal there were as many mexican and blacks as there were whites, i dont bang anymore but i was just woundering if there were still gaylord sets out there and if there still holding it down for whites if u can hit me back that would be cool, later
I was a Gaylord from Sunnyside\Magnolia . lords/masters/rulers.. I went
to s/a because there was not to many of us to hold it down anymore. all
the down brothers were murdered or in prison or cracked out .but i had fun
growing up in uptown .everyone hated us .we made our money . and i guess
everybody moved on . i did . i went to s\a thats black \grey .by the way
my name SPANKY . whats up my in ohio now ..ive
meet a lot vicelords from the northside .i was locked up with them out
here.. they say were some crazy ass white boys real name is ........
i love all you brothers stay alive spanky from s\m
......S/A st