Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I got great news today. The documentary short film has been accepted into it's first festival, the 2006 Chicago International Short Film Festival. The name of the film is called "Great American Youth". The Festival is Sept 29,30 and Oct 1st of 2006. That's the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this month. I am not sure which exact day and time is the screening(s). They will let me know later on as they finalize the schedule in a week or so. I'll post updates as soon as I get precise details.

The location of the festival is at the Davis Theater 4614 North Lincoln Ave. Chicago IL, 60625.

Here is a brief synopsis of the film:This short documentary film (18 min 58 sec) is a historical overview of the evolution of Chicago's Largest White Street Gang, The Gaylords. It follows them from their inception in the 1950's until the Present Day. The piece explores what happened when the neighborhoods got marginalized because two cultures could not assimilate. Simple questions like the why, what and how lead to brutally honest responses from members in how they dealt with their opposition. A vivid recollection of what it took to walk the mean streets of Chicago as a gang member.