Thursday, June 11, 2009

It had too have been a Friday night,Schurz high school had let out.Me and the fatman had decided too go out meet up with some Gaylords,We took the Cta bus back up too Schurz High School area.I was actually wearing a pair of Baby Blue Baggies,these were not of the Osh Kosh variety ,they were more of a style that the Latino bangers were wearing,I had purchased these baggies on Milwaukee ave. in the wicker park area.That was not a safe haven in the 80s as it is today.I was also wearing Black shoes that were referred to as Rockers,because it had a bottom too the shoe the sort of waved,and when you walked it was with motion. So me and Fatman had actually went too Aladdins Castle a game room on Irving Park and Keeler. Also this corner was being recognized as the IKPP Irving and Keeler Party People.
We meet up with Rook basically a Former Gaylord and Associate,A very good friend of mine, and perhaps even Doughboy of the Gaylords.Me Rook,Fatman and Doughboy proceeded too smoke some of the Marijuana I had brought with me.We got high played some games then Probably drank A twelve pack or case between us.The flashy lights outside the Game room were brightly lite.I was stoned and stole one of the light bulbs.
It was starting too get late so me and fatman said our farewells then preceded up too Addison n Pulaski,looking for a bus,I then flagged down a cab,At that precise moment 2 or 3 members of the ABOs spotted me sticking out like a sore thumb. They ran up on us and a fight issued.Fatman was struck over the head with a blackjack or bowling pin.I was fucked up but I preceded too fight off the attackers.The light bulb I stole from Alladins Castle i shoved in one of their faces.I then made them relinquish their weapon and i used it against them.They then fled.
We jumped into the cab that watched a mini gang fight happen before his very eyes. Fatman was bleeding the cab went straight too Belmont hospital.
Fatman got stitched up then the Doctors wanted too have a look at me.I said no during the altercation I got hit too.I think they wanted too call the Police.I started to fell dizzy then I ran down the hallway with Fatman and i started Puking throughout the hallway of the hospital.We reached the front doors of the Hospital being Melrose and Karlov,we ran out the doors up too Belmont ave. As soon as we reached the corner we spotted the east bound Belmont bus coming. 30 seconds later we were gone. JAKE.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi, my name is D. and i lived on Malden and Sunnyside from 1969 to 1978.i knew some of the Gaylord's. They took good care of the kids in the neighborhood. I remember one time the Gaylord's had a cook-out block party for the kids in the area and they had to stop it because some of the Latin Kings came over and attacked a little girl in the ally. well needless to say the party was over and they went after the ones who hurt the little girl. there was another time that one gang I'm not sure which one but the were looking for a Gaylord and when they found him, tied him to a tree in the park and cut him up real bad. it didn't kill him but not far from it. the guys i knew were really great guys. i dated a couple and babysat for me i felt safer being in Uptown as a kid.there was another time i can remember where two guys wanted to join the Gaylord's and my sister and me were out side on the park, the one guy they were talking to pulled out a gun and started shooting. hope this helps a little.