Thursday, July 06, 2006

The acclaimed TV news show, Geraldo at Large interviewed Wiz Friday, July 7th 2006, for the At Large to be shown July 12th 2006.

Anyone unfamiliar with Wiz can read about him below in the rough excerpts taken from a book currently in the works titled, "Bourn to Kill." Bourn to Kill is the sequel to “Lords of Lawndale”, which can be ordered at any Barnes and Noble or

As the evening was setting in, the yellow van was crammed full with Gaylord’s and it was headed down Milwaukee Avenue, with an agenda to get beer and eventually sit back somewhere, but then it nose-dived right in to trouble. Christa, Wiz’s girlfriend, said she needed to use a washroom, so Lil Wiz drove the van to a doughnut shop that was located just around the corner from where they were presently at. The van pulled up in the parking lot of the place, and Wiz escorted his girlfriend out to take a wiz. It just so happen though, that just a little while before the van had actually pulled up next to the doughnut shop and let Wiz and Christa out, another scene was playing out somewhere else; two younger Simon City Royals, Fritz and Joker, were with some fellow members of their gang behind a shoe factory parting, when the two of them decided that they wanted to add a little more to their high for the evening. They desperados headed out together to the close-by doughnut shop, where they would try and make contact with a pot peddler, a friend of theirs. Not too long later, they were seated on the concrete side step, outside the doughnut shop, waiting patiently for their weed delivery, as Wiz came strolling up with his girlfriend Christa to use the ladies washroom that was situated inside with the sweet smells of pastries and coffee brewing away.

As Wiz waited for Christa as she used the washroom, coffee was not brewing outside. What was brewing was the fact that you now had two Royals and a Gaylord, and the unavoidable ness of mixed company was not good. Wiz was disturbingly conscious, of the two characters, and he felt obligated to check them out. When he confronted them, he decided to tell a fib; he false flagged them. Wiz sternly stated openly, “Deuce Love –Royal Killer.” He did this to throw the Royals off by misleading them. Often this was the standardized way of doing things on the streets; there was no use fronting your true self off, until you figured out who exactly you were dealing with. Along with this came the personal addition of disrespectful hands signs. Fritz and Joker responded by dishelming themselves from off the pavement of the step to engage Wiz. The two Royals had the advantage, and they knew it; this was their hood and Wiz looked to be by himself. However, the advantage changed over in seconds when the yellow van doors opened up and their came an outpouring of more Gaylord’s to assist Wiz.
>>>> The Royals took off in flight together across a busy street, but then split up quickly once they came across a small hotdog stand that was located on a corner. Once they came up on it, Fritz ran up in the hotdog stand and Joker took off into the alley right behind it. Joker was not pursued as he dodged off. Fritz however, was centered on, but he had smartly found safety inside the hotdog stand and was now being protected over by its steely owner. And the owner was having none of this bullshit commotion entering his establishment as he stood there, his hand tightly gripping the handle of his broom stick, while staring angrily at Wiz and the others who were outside robustly yelling.

Besides unbranded access to his Hotdog stand, the owner was even threatening to call the police. At this juncture, the short chase had obviously come to a conclusion, and to try and subdue the Royal inside his fast food sanctuary was futile. Although it had been fruitless, the Gaylord’s had achieved their objective and routed the Royals. The sportiveness part of it was over with, and all that was left now was the verbal insults and angry fists pounding against the Plexiglas window, like upset customers not getting what they ordered. Wiz finalized it all, by purposely blowing his cover and leaving a calling card. He abandoned his fictional act of false flagging as a member of the Insane Deuces, and revealed his true identity by proudly shouting out, “Lawndale and Gaylord’s, Lord Wiz.” The jumpy Royal hiding inside now knew who he had been chased off by, and Wiz was content with that. It was now time for the Gaylord’s to fall back, and they did so as Lil Wiz pulled the van up on the side of the hotdog stand. Within seconds they darted off with the guys all compressed inside the van like a yellow submarine.

Wiz and the boys still had to swing around and pick up fetching Christa, who had been left over by the doughnut shop as the chase off of the two Royals occurred. She was done using the powder room in the powder shop. Once they pulled on up and retrieved her, Fritz, the same Royal that was hiding out just a minute or two ago, was now spotted running across the path of the van. Why he did not just stay in his safe deposit box of the hotdog stand, and wait things out there was unknown. In desperation, Fritz had probably decided to try and make it back to the scene of the Royal party that he had left earlier that evening; there he would have back up. It was a short distance away. There was no street guide book for these type of situations, and Fritz was only in basic training; a sixteen year old kid, kind of new to the gang gig. Sadly though, if the Royal party was his destination, he fell short of making it there.

The Gaylord’s were out of the van and on Fritz’s tail quick. Lil Wiz fell upon Fritz and got in to a scuffle with him, on the ground of a small parking lot that was situated behind a small corner business. It wasn’t too long before Fritz was over powered; a few Gaylord’s were getting in their individual kicks and punches. Wiz was anxious; Christa was presently sitting in the van, and it was not a good predicament. He did not know if Joker, the other Royal who had run off behind the alley, did so with the intention of obtaining more Royal troops or not. It was time to head back to the van and get the hell out of there. He told Lil Wiz it was time to split, and they started to make leave. The simple beating on Fritz would suffice. In a scene of confusion, not everyone is always thinking the same thing. Sinner had acquired a baseball bat from within the messy van and had come running up with the intent of using it. Once he stood over Fritz, Sinner became sinful and executed his own plan by smashing Fritz in his head with the wooden bat; setting Fritz’s execution in motion…

The actual trial itself was a farce. The police did not prefer the reality of the lone baseball batter story, so they scratched it completely out and went with the rock and table leg, which were randomly found at the scene, theory; and in doing so, the prosecution had no choice but to go along for the fantasy ride. The trial was about forcing the wrong weapon in to the wrong hand; Wiz’s. As agreed upon to lessen his jail sentence, Sinner sinisterly testified that he witnessed Wiz throw cement down toward Fritz’s upper body, but did not actually see where it hit; a bit of a slip up. Sinner was not the only one slipping up, but hell, as long as each of the recitals given by witnesses for the prosecution followed the dubious script that was initially given in the beginning by Santos, it was fine for the State of Illinois.

In written statements and court testimony, two of guys stated that Wiz had a large piece of concrete, or stone, and he threw it very hard onto the victims head. But anyone with any kind of brainpower knows that there would have been an imprinted mess if that occurred. Matter of fact, the expert for the defense said that the fatal wound, located behind an ear, was caused by a cylindrical object, and as far as the concrete he candidly said, “The rock would have had enough kinetic energy to tear the skin upon impact. Added to that, there was no DNA evidence found on either of the proposed random weapons.” The experts for the defense and prosecution, jointly found no blood, hair, skin tissue or finger prints of any kind on the piece of cement, or even on the stick that Sinner said he used. When it came to the prosecutions magic “stick” that Sinner basically said he tapped Fritz with, the description of it, coming from different sources, mysteriously changed into many forms right in front of everyone; from a metal table leg, to a rod, to a stick and then to a broom stick.