Friday, August 26, 2005

I grew up in the middle of all this around 1964 I was 13.
My neighborhood was Grand & Paulina..right in between..going East..Grand & Ogden
where many Gaylords hung out By LaRoccs Hot dog stand..and between. Going West
C-Notes & Lazy Gents . I knew many of them growing up. Was so sad every time I run into friends from the old neighborhood who tell me who had passed on. At One time it was who got beat up, then it changedto who was found dead or died. My best friend at the time was a girl named Jonelle who's brother Dominick was a Gent. I lived in the general area till about 1979. Hung out By Bear Camboras house a Gaylord, dated a few .
I live in the burbs now But once in awhile still go visit the old hood...Thats now been yuppy-tized. But still some peeps never moved..still see the old homes..The kids may be gone..But the parents..are still there..some raising grandkids.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Im not in a gang or social club or organization. And if I was I would not openly come out on line and say things that might have an adverse affect knowing that undercover police are in gangs and possible controling them or even starting them or alliences like the peoples and folks. The strategy of divide and concour is ancient.
Just to add to the archives of what i am reading on your site i would like to add that the killing of an O/A whose name was half-pint on the corner of Kedzie and Armitage by a Latin King would be the turning point and the emergence of KK and folks.
It is sad that kids who new each through grammer school would here of other kids they knew in the same school kill each other for gang related reasons years later.
In reality the Gaylords came out of the baby-boom generation like alot of other gangs. It is also interesting that most of the people who died in Viet-Nam were also baby boomers. Do you see the links? I went to grammer school and high school and new a Palmer street G/L named Steve Larkin. I saw the fall of the Taylor Street Jousters for the killing if Carlos Garcia May 22 1979 in the alley of Carl Schurz High School.

7:38 PM
Thank you Rocker for posting the picture of the Church that I read about in your Wonderful Autobiography. Our Lady of Grace has a 95 year history. I went on its website : read the history of the Church, they even have their own blog, but no one got it started yet. i would love to have read some comments from former student who attended during the 60s 70's & 80's. Keep up the great work on your web site. I hope you write another book someday.