Monday, January 21, 2008

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back in the day, I personally had quite a few designs printed up displaying a Klansman or two. To be perfectly honest, I was not doing it to show racial superiority. Yes, white pride, but not "shave your head and disgrace a synagogue" pride. My intent was just to alienate the enemy. Additionally, the Maltese Cross was difficult for me to draw; you needed a damn ruler or edge of a book to get the thing angled just right. The Klansman was just easier to draw out. I could have drawn out an actual figure of a Gaylord but that was a pain in the ass to show intimidation through. I was watching a documentary once about animated cartoon characters, where a veteran animator explained that there were so many animal cartoon figures in films, because they are easier to animate or get moods across, then drawing out a person. Thats why you see so many cute creatures and, "brought to life" objects, in classic cartoons. I believe the Gaylords used the Klansman, mainly because he was worth a 1000 words- of fear.

I fully realize that a prejudicial lash strikes out when an individual views these particular cards, but it is not an extreme White Power stance as it seems to dictate. I am sure that the PR and Mex gangs did not realize how we perceived their flags that they displayed, or their use of "Spanish" or "Latin" in their name. It all hit a nerve with us for sure. Our view was that they wanted to defiantly stay whole and not peacefully assimilate in to our culture. In the Gaylord documentary by Gangfilm, I believe Butch said it best when he disclosed that we were not fighting a racial war but a cultural one.

Too bad I used a Klansman as much as I did, for as we all reflect upon the Gaylords now, the real message and image of our club is distorted by the paper propaganda that remains today. Truth was; we were Great American Youths, not cheerleaders for Hitler.