Sunday, May 24, 2009

Surfing around the web today, I crashed into this card display. While gazing over it I thought to myself, "Damn, that fuckin' card again." Now, I don't know why but this whimsical card keeps getting lassoed in with rough-looking gang cards. Every time I see it, it sends an embarrassing zap through out my system. At the same time though, it is weird to see that the card has stood the test of time, whereas most of the individuals who are card-listed most likely have no memory of the thing.

The Stooge Bros was the concoction of my friend Robert and I. Actually, dopey Robert was always comically labeling our little hood fellowship in some fashion. Far from a rough-headed street gang, we were just young neighborhood guys, within the docile realm of Jefferson Park. Incidentally, the sneering-smile C-Notes were just starting to spring to life in the area at the time period, and I think our meager clique was hit with a bad case of the identity crises. We tossed around a few goofy ideals amongst ourselves of what to conform to, like "The Junior Klan of Lawrence and Lavergne." The nervy Junior Klan prospect had entered our foggy heads when we had to discard the Gaylord pipedream. Inwardly we were enticed by the reputed "Gaylords"; just seeing the name banner-scrawled across CTA bus seats, had Rob and I starry eyed. Admitingly, us pipsqueaks were inexperienced in the unfine art of gang warfare. The C-notes had leading all-stars within their crew. Plain and simple, we would have got shredded up by a stack of the green paper-labeled gang. Crazy Luke, alone, was a legendary C-Note around those parts. Maybe if some GL classic models would have resided in the area, things would have developed different. So, the dream child of the Lawrence and Lamon Gaylords never came about. Either did the Junior Klan idea; I thought it would just draw a lot of political attention to our misdemeanor hood.

The Stooge Bros. was a scatter-brain alternative to the more militant ideas. Truth was, we were just not that serious minded about things, misfit stooges if anything. Additionally, at the time we more concerned with trying to fondle up on the virginal group of girls that we had leached ourselves too. Hence the girlish names, and two mushy overtures, on this card. Additionally, A-B-C is as simple as 1-2-3; ABCS is the first initial of some of the girls' actual names. The girls’ porno-sounding nicknames were forced-pressed upon them. Never-the-less though, once they received the Stooge Bros cards, the girls were all giggles and smiles about the project being completed. Skipping off later, they probably thought us guys really were a bunch of stooges for making the cards.

The Stooge Bros card itself was made by me. Printed up at the compact print shop off of Milwaukee and Montrose, I believe the 500 embossed trinkets were my first trial run at making business cards. I don’t officially count it as my first gang-associated card, as the whole process felt more like the making up of a cheezy Hallmark card. The beer and leprechaun symbols were not thoroughly thought out either, but selected in minutes from a stock-image book. Beer was super-fucking-cool and some of us were Irish proud. Shit, one of the girls, Ann, was an Irish line dancer.

After the Stooge Bros card were printed up, and after tagging up the kiddie playlot and the rest of our hood with Stooge-a-rama, the glimmer of the Stooge Bros lasted for maybe a couple months, then it just fizzled out. My friend, dopey Rob, and I then brainstormed the "Knights." Infantile as it sounds, we thought we could create some new household-name gang. We even pulled off our first major heist; a copyright infringement, by using the Jousters’ helmet as our logo. After going on a wall-tagging crusade with the Knights fascination, for weeks, I, for one,was starting to crave some real action. Eventually, I got bit by the Gaylord bug and I splintered off from our hood of misfit stooges. Within months, I would be using the compact print shop to produce future GL masterpieces. But that is another short story which will come....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Old School Gang Perspective
People today have no perspective on gangs and drugs. The middle class, who have never had to worry for anything and have always had jobs and safety nets waiting for them to fall into, look at criminal activity and see people who aren't trying hard enough, because they believe the myth that anyone can make it in America. The gangs themselves are the results of poverty and class warfare - of a neighborhood that people have forgotten about.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Repping Gaylords
You can feel the animosity and see it posted on all the threads. What has it come to? Gaylord verses Gaylord. I think it's total bullshit. It doesn't matter what set you're from, You're still a GL. Yes, we didn't come to alot of sets and alot of sets didn't come to us.And why? Because of our colors and yours. Here's alittle something for you.

If we all would have got along as a nation, like it was supposed to be, the city could have been ours. I was dating this girl who lived on Kostner and Fullerton .Had already been up there a few times. SA didn't stray too far as did other sets so that whole hood was new to me. I didn't know where any of the gangways were to run through if anything happened or where the alleys led so I took a friend up with me. His name was Lil Wolf. He was just a rep for us, a new guy to the neighborhood. We get up there, off the final CTA and it's a total setup by the chick and her friends. Nothing but ALMIGHTY NORTHSIDE WHITE BOYS.And a few IG"S. Now we're screwed. Maybe 15. Maybe less. We lasted as long as we could. Took our beatings and gave some. Then decided to haul ass.It's late November of "86. Cold as shit. Nothing but my gray baggies on, black leather jacket and my black Rockers.And a bottle of "69 cognac.We must have ran for miles. Next thing we see are the railroad tracks. We stopped to take a breath, take in some of the "69 and try and stay warm.

As we see this car coming around, chasing the same crew that were still on our tail. So Lil Wolf and I take off again, duck down an alley, take a turn and there's that car again. The dude riding shotgun leans out the window and starts yelling " eagle killer". We repped back "SAGL Eagle Killer" He yells back "Gaylord Love"
.Just a car full of Gaylords, just different colors. Never so happy to see black and blue in my life. The passenger in that car saved my ass as well as my partners and I was more than happy to give up that bottle of "69 cognac to all the Gaylords, LA and KP. That nite will stay with me forever. I probably wouldn't be here with my kids, my family ,my girl without that passenger helping out a Black and Gray Gaylord. Who was NOT part of the unity. He didn't have to help the WPO SAGLN. And All I see on this site is a lot of bashing towards this guy who saved my ass because I was a fellow brother. He didn't know me, never met, but was a TRUE GAYLORD AND STILL IS