Friday, April 08, 2005

Check out the Flip Side of Gang Cards at: The Flip Side. Thanks Road Runner!

Monday, April 04, 2005

I found your web site that brought back some memories,I hung out with the S/A Gaylords back in the mid 70s.those nights in winnemac park ,out on Damen night I remember we piled 27 of us in my van it was one that did not have any side windows and I had a curtain up front so people could be in the back and no one could tell ,we all had sweaters on and were looking to take some. we were driving down North ave. when we got pulled over by the cops.they came up to the van and could not believe it when 27 of us came out all with sweaters on they had us all lined up with are hands against the wall on North ave in the freezing cold and other gangs were driving by checking us was funny watching the expressions of other gangs drive by looking at 27 sweaters lined up.the cops let us go after a while.just another day.I ended up moving in 1982 to CA. I have a good job now and nice house. but I still miss those times on S/A

Friday, April 01, 2005

I received your book as a gift from a mutual friend. I wanted to congratulate you on
your first endeavor as an author. You put into words what happens on the streets just
under our noses, and it was tough for me to realize that there is a whole other world out
there. You've made strides from the streets and life you described! Keep up the good
Just wanted to say "Lords of Lawndale" was one of the best books I have
ever read. Are there Gaylord sets still active today? I was also wondering
where your life went after those events and where you are today. After
reading this great book, I would encourage you to write some more. You have
a real knack for this.

J. S.
Virginia Beach, VA