Wednesday, December 24, 2008

R.I.P. Harpo 1959-1972

On thursday, December 26th 1972, after a night of burning cashmeres from rivals, RGL club members were sitting at a fast food restaurant on central ave. When a greaser walked in and fired a blank gun at someone's head. People started laughing thinking it was a Gaylord from another section the dude also let out a laugh while he shot the cap gun and then quickly left, like a prank between friends. A short time later two younger guys decided to walk home while the other stayed behind. The two were walking down barry avenue. When they were ambushed by a group of greasers. One of the guys who was walking, was a fourteen year old by the name harpo. Sadly, he died of multiple stab wounds. Those that took his life were a bunch of nobodies trying to make a name for themselves the easy way. If they had real balls, then they should have started jamming in the restaurant.