Saturday, March 26, 2005

I see that you have added Dunham Park to the sets. I had heard a story about Dunham Park Gaylords that I wonder if it was fact or urban legend. There was suppose to be a down black Gaylord that was a member of Dunham. He was so down he had a GL Tattoo. According to the story, Dunham Park Gaylords did not have many gangs surrounding them that were willing to fight, so this black Gaylord use to take the other DGLN down to the projects on Lake and challenge the Vicelords to fights. It was said that the DGL's went down and fought with the Vicelords under the Lake "L" many times. This was before the People Folk Nations were formed. Legend has it that the Vicelords through schools arranged a meeting between the themselves and Dunham Park, and DGL's were told that they were the crazy whiteboys, and that even the police did not come into the projects on lake. It was said that the DGL and the Vicelords became friends and that Vicelords and Gaylords would not fight in the mixed schools in Chicago. Is this true or a urban legend? Great website! Scott from Montrose!

Monday, March 14, 2005

If you can help me. I'm trying to locate an old flame that went to Foreman High School and would have graduated in either 1975,76 or 77. Probably 76. Her name is Debbie Nelson. We were eachothers first loves beginning in 1980 All the info I have is that her b-day is either May 2 or 10 1958. Used to live at 3013 N. Kilbourne in Chicago and that she attended Foreman High.
Any Info contact: