Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I spend a lot of time walking the alleys of the northside; Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Uptown, etc....

I am always documenting the tags I find and I am noticing that all bets are off now. While there are obviously traditional, defined consolidated mob hoods there are also the most random sets popping up in weird places . Like the other day I found an entire alley in Bucktown that was hit with Latin Eagle tags; who from my understanding were isolated near K-Town. Then over in Spanish Lord hood by Holstein Park an entire alley full of Latin Pachuco tags who I thought were pretty much out west.

I am wondering what mobs will do when they are displaced; I dont believe that these nations will cease to exist since so much blood and investment has gone into it; for many of them, this is all they know. Either they will move into unclaimed territory out north or west or out in the burbs or the hoods will shrink and be on an apartment to apartment building basis. Its funny to see one of these douchebag new condos right next to a dilapitated building and then go in the alley and see that all the garage doors are hit with Latin Jiver & GD tags.

Two years ago I was living in Uptown by Argyle & Broadway. I used to go running down by the lake. I got a lot of tats. I get down there and there are literally like 40 either vicelords or stones just walking in broad daylight all wearing their colors ice grillin me. I was like WTF theres all these yuppies with dogs and on rollerblades yet heres this mob alive and well just strollin.

Evidence of this is when I go back to where I was raised in Mt. Prospect and visit my mom. When I was growing up in high school we started to get LKs & Stones from the city but they were small in number. Last year I went to Melas Park for the 4th of July and the demographics are insane. What used to be a mostly white crowd has been eclipsed by latinos. Many just working class families (like my auntie and her family) but also many mobs decked out in their colors. It blew my f_cking mind.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

As far back as 75-76 I can remember the dueces from the projects were a mixed breed...white,hispanic,..black...one duece I remember is munchkin....john n. somethin...not so funny story...once upon a time...this is like 78 used to go to church on wellington just east of damen...me n all my cousins are walking home.....[mistake #1]....back to Diversey n Talman....only I ain'nt supposed to leave the church...so half way home I get the bright idea to go back so I don't get in trouble....[mistake #2]...even brighter I decided to cut through the projects to save time....[mistake #3]....on this particular day I happen to be wearing a green shirt with the word warriors in black....[mistake #4]....so I'm through the projects and across damen on george when some afrospanic aproaches me and says what you be about..I tell him I'm not in a gang....he wants to know why I'm stylin the shirt....I show him the back of the shirt that says bass......cause I was in a band....he was not sympathetic....he said UP THE SHIRT.......I REPLIED NO WAY......[MISTAKE #5]...HE WHISTLES TO A GROUP OF AFOHISPANICS N THEY SWARM ME..now it's me n 7 deuces when they say give up the shirt...again NO WAY...[mistake #6]..this time it's a 38 stuck in the gut a couple punches in the head and a few boots in the ass as they take my shirt n chase me down the block yellin warrior killer,..deuce love.....keep in mind all this is happening at 10:30 am on a sunday mornin..