Saturday, November 15, 2008

There were a lot of the Lawndale Gaylords back in 1974. I remember it was put up right before our first mural. We had just repainted the whole wall going across. Stepin gave us money from the dues to do our first mural. We even clear coated it and was very shiney. I was busted by the cops for working on it with a few other brothers. I had a 12 in brush in my pants when they grabbed me. The cops took my brush I had just stoled from Saxon's to clear coat the wall. I sat in jail but the guys got it done. I got out a few hours later to see our nice new mural up. We got a few pictures before the Gangster hit it. For a whole week we guarded it ever night taking turns. The Gangster would drive by with babyfood jars full of pink paint and try hitting the wall. At the same time we hung a dummy up with a Gangster sweater right in the middle of Fullerton Av. The Gangster went crazy over it. There CTA bus they all take would go right pass it. The Gangsters would get off at Centralpark by the YMCA and stare at it in disbelief.Man we knew how to represent back then lol.