Thursday, February 26, 2004

The more I thought about it in the mid 70's there where GL sections at gage park and around 67th street near marquette park, can't remember exact areas but they where there also 55th and ashland.
very good website I grew up in the palmer street gaylord era,I lived on lyndale street west of california street.I became good friends with many of the gaylords,Chief,joker,tarzan,tesse.and looking at those pictures brought back many memories.I attended darwin elementary school and because i was latino many of the orchestra albany assumed I would join them.when they found out where I lived even though I was not a gaylord I would get chased all the way home and shot at several times.How things change lyndale street has just memories,altgeld and lawndale are ruled by IG's.jenal's has been gone for 18 years.
Badazz site--

I want to talk to you about the GLs mainly. They were surrounded on all sides, and still kept swingin' on the way down. Reminded me of a 70's movie called "The Warriors."
I would like to develop a comic book around the GLs, and maybe later, more.
Could you respond to this email, so at least I know you're out there. Thanks,

A retired gangster from the 50's says: The Gaylords started around 1952 at Huron and Throop outside a corner tavern. In the 60's, they had a clubhouse at Ohio and Noble, and also hung out at Grand and Ogden at LaRoccs Hot Dog Stand. They had control of the whole area. There are rumors that the Gaylords started in the 40's as a baseball club, then one of their players got beat up bad. That was the birth of the Gaylord street gang. It was all survival back then.