Sunday, March 26, 2006

"So, "Count Dante" an some of his boys raided a school in Waukegan, they went at it right out on Rt. 120, inna middle of the street...guys wit nunchuks, staffs, sticks, the works, then some fool starts wavin a sword-end of fight! I'm thinkin this was maybe '68 or '69. IT was a lot a this type of junk going on back then, specially round C-Town."

Also it looks like the mob had a hit out on count Dante:

"there was a mob hit out for count dante.. read about it in the book When Corruption Was King"

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You can feel the animosity and see it posted on all the threads. What has it come to? Gaylord verses Gaylord. I think it's total bullshit. It doesn't matter what set you're from, You're still a GL. Yes, we didn't come to alot of sets and alot of sets didn't come to us.And why? Because of our colors and yours. Here's a little something for you.
If we all would have got along as a nation, like it was supposed to be, the city could have been ours.
I was dating this girl who lived on Kostner and Fullerton .Had already been up there a few times. SA didn't stray too far as did other sets so that whole hood was new to me. I didn't know where any of the gangways were to run through if anything happened or where the alleys led so I took a friend up with me. His name was Lil Wolf. He was just a rep for us, a new guy to the neighborhood. We get up there, off the final CTA and it's a total setup by the chick and her friends. Nothing but ALMIGHTY NORTHSIDE WHITE BOYS.And a few IG"S. Now we're screwed. Maybe 15. Maybe less. We lasted as long as we could. Took our beatings and gave some. Then decided to haul ass.It's late November of "86. Cold as shit. Nothing but my gray baggies on, black leather jacket and my black Rockers.And a bottle of "69 cognac.We must have ran for miles. Next thing we see are the railroad tracks. We stopped to take a breath, take in some of the "69 and try and stay warm.
As we see this car coming around, chasing the same crew that were still on our tail. So Lil Wolf and I take off again, duck down an alley, take a turn and there's that car again. The dude riding shotgun leans out the window and starts yelling " eagle killer". We repped back "SAGL Eagle Killer" He yells back
"Gaylord Love"
.Just a car full of Gaylords, just different colors. Never so happy to see black and blue in my life.
The passenger in that car saved my aXs as well as my partners and I was more than happy to give up that bottle of "69 cognac to all the Gaylords, LA and KP. That nite will stay with me forever. I probably wouldn't be here with my kids, my family ,my girl without that passenger helping out a Black and Gray Gaylord. Who was NOT part of the unity. He didn't have to help the WPO SAGLN. And All I see on this site is alot of bashing towards this guy who saved my ass because I was a fellow brother. He didn't know me, never met, but was a TRUE GAYLORD AND STILL IS