Monday, June 28, 2004

I been a PALMER STREET GAYLORD for 22 years now...were not on
PALMER STREET any more.I remember many nights staying out all night long just to guard our GAYLORD and a few other GAYLORDS would sit on a roof with a gun,many times with just bats near by waiting for the O-As to try to hit our wall.when I look back on those days..PALMER STREET back in the days was the spot..if any one out there has a story about PALMER STREET GAYLORDS I like to read it..JOKER P-G-L


Blogger Sir Clown said...

Joker we fought at Holstein Pk in the early 80s You were on a bike with shotgun riding thru the hood You had your Palmer shirts on and were driving away when me and this other guy were smart mouthing you pulled a uturn back got off the bike grabbed my hair and began to whip my ass My loss Thats when L & L GLs were set I went to Schurz hung out with Sir Hood
made a little secton on Tripp St by KP Later I help create the C-notes in MO & joined CG made my section had a family and moved on.
I still respect GL if you are the
same Joker I fought with its good to know your still with us on earth Be safe GL/CN
Clown MO

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