Sunday, April 11, 2004

I loved them days and nights we would march from McPherson school to Winnemac park or vice versa chanting, "WHO ARE WE, MIGHTY MIGHTY GAYLORDS" man, you could hear us coming from blocks away. The cool thing about it was McPherson
school was just on the south side of Lawrence in the 19th police district and innemac
park was north of Lawrence in the 20th district, so when it got hot with the cops
at one hangout we would cross Lawrence and go to the other hangout. Anyone who remembers them S-A days speak out and let it be known. S-Ast. would like to
say "whats up" to Moose-L/B/G/L Chief-P/G/L Scorp-K/G/L Lil Rat, Mex,Nip-N/G/L
Chip-S/P/G/L Pump-C/G/L and to every G/L section.
Honkey-NoNo-Insane- Geronimo Lives On! R.I.P.


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