Sunday, May 16, 2004

I became a PALMER STREET GAYLORD back when I was 16 years old,im 38 older brother was a PALMER STREET GAYLORDS a few years before I got in the GAYLORDS,we never lived in a GAYLORD hood we always lived in the CPW ROYALS hood we had to fight are way in the ROYALS hood to get home and fight our way out to get to our hood,to one day my brother met this lady ROYAL and hooked up with her and my brother fliped like deuce and A c- note turned on his nation and on me..I was getting jumped by my brother and his boys
(ROYALS) they tryed to get me to flip to,but I got to much love for my nation the ALMIGHTY GAYLORDs..every day I got my ass beat by the ROYALS but I never backed down from them..I always had my
ways of getting them back one way or another..
Sir Joker Almight Palmer Street Gaylords


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