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Palmer Street Set


Rest In Peace - Bobby Mason (MACE)


Midget Palmer Street Gaylords

Midget Palmer Street Gaylords Painting a Mural

Palmer Street Gaylords painting a mural

The Lords of Palmer Street Stand Tall

"There is No Doubt about it The PALMER STREET GAYLORDS were true Warriors. You knew When you Went To Their hood To Start Sh_t, You Were in For a Long Night No matter What. And may GOD help you if you were The last one standing By yourself." From Old School Simon City Royal.

Rising Up Angry - Palmer Street Gaylords neighborhood article: Rising Up Angry - Palmer Street - Neighborhood Article.

Saint Sylvester Meetings

Father Craig, of St. Sylvesters, would allow the Palmer Street Gaylords to conduct meetings in the recreation center. Mace - the acting president - would use these meetings to organize sneak attacks against the Latin Kings. He would call in at least six other sets to attack the Kings in Humboldt Park. This was prior to the People/Folk Alliance. Father Larry Craig West Side Pastor, Fr. Larry Craig, Dies Rest In Peace.

King Capone Attack

One such attack was on King Capone in a Barber Shop at Armitage and California. This lead to a week of constant attacks from a steady stream of Latin Kings coming up Mozart Street towards Palmer. There was a lot of shooting which lead to Lil Capone and his girlfriend, Lefty, getting shot at Richmond and Mozart.

Bel-Air Shoots Palmer Street Gaylord Story

Bronski - a leader of the Bel-Airs - was credited on another website for chasing down a Palmer Street Gaylord and shooting him. The article claimed that he took revenge for the beating of a Bel-Air and added a lot of drama to the story.

This is what happened in that incident: A Bel-Air got shot. Bronski came down Palmer Street looking for Mace. The reason was given that a Palmer Street Gaylord shot a Bel-air, but it really had to do with a former girlfriend named, Debbie, who was hanging out on Palmer Street. The only ones that were on the street at that time were the younger Gaylords. None of the Senior Gaylord's were around. Bronski was f--king with the younger Gaylords and Mace's Lil brother told Bronski, "If there is something you want to say to my brother you can say it to me." Bronski pulled out a gun and shot Gary once in his side. Having both the Gaylord's and the Chicago Police after him, he fled to another state.

Bronski returned a few years later and turned himself in - pleading that he found Jesus - and was released by a sympathic Judge.

Palmer Winos from the mid 1960s

Palmer Heads were a gang in the Palmer Street area before they decided to turn Gaylords in 1972. The main guys listed on the Palmer Heads card are the three guys who started the Palmer Gaylords.

Palmer Street Heads The Three Stooges

Palmer Boys SAC

Palmer Boys original membership card carried by all members

Palmer Boys Sac card

This was a membership card carried by all the guys and girls from Palmer St. during the middle and late 60's until 1971 before they agreed to represent the Gaylords in 1972. Notice the boundaries on the four sides of the card. The Palmer Boys were started like most gangs as "Social Athletic Clubs" back in the mid 60's and their first leader was a guy named "Hudson", their identifying mark/symbol was the 3dots forming a triangle. This particular card belonged to my wife who grew up on Palmer St. Two of her younger brothers were members of the youngest group of guys at the time that included Eddie, Tarzan, Tessie, BB, Caveman, Wolfman, Chief, Larkin, Casper etc, that were called the Palmer Puds with the older one of the two Howard being a leader. by Zen of Chi-West

Palmer Street Gaylords and St. Sylvesters Recreation Center

Welcome to the town where the fork goes down Palmer Street Tesse Live!

Mad Dog Sliced Up by Spanky

Spanky from Palmer Street sliced Mad Dog up from his face to his stomach outside the liquor store on Armitage and Kedzie. Spanky's mom lived upstairs from the liquor store and he had come out of the building when he bumped into Mad Dog from the Imperial Gangsters and another gangster. Words were exchanged and Mad Dog busted Spanky over the head with a quart bottle of beer. But as Spanky was falling down, he sliced and diced Mad Dog on his way to the ground with a small razor sharp knife. It happened so fast and the knife was so sharp that Mad Dog didn't even know he was cut up as bad as he was. The razor sharp blade went right through his coat and into his torso. Later that night when the cops rolled up and stopped in on the Palmer Street Gaylordís and yell out 'hey Jimmy, come here', Spanky yells back, 'I can hear you fine from here, what do you want?' To make a long story short, Mad Dog was in St Elizabethís getting stitched up and fingered Spanky for the damage. They showed a photo taken in the ER of Mad Dog with his face and chest cut up and full of blood. They took Spanky in but I don't think they charged him because of the circumstances. A few years later, Mad Dog would be convicted of killing a Chicago Police Officer on fullerton Avenue in Logan Square, as officer tried to break up a gangfight between the Imperial Gangsters and the Lawndale and Altgeld Gaylords.

Palmer Tesse Lives

RIP Tesse


Tarzan/Stevie from PGL passed away May-13-89. He died like someone had said working for the City of Chicago...The Street was caving in and he would have lived but he pushed another guy out of the way and lost his life by saving someone else. A True Hero! God Bless you!

Rest In Peace - Tarzan

Palmer Tarzan Lives

Rest In Peace Pee Wee