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The Gangs of Chicago established two unities: the People Nation and the Folk Nation.

The Gaylords have one of the fullest fighting schedules of any city gang; their gang engagement book must be crammed with upcoming Imperial Gangster, Spanish Cobra, Latin Panthers, and Latin King bouts.

2 WHO RUNS CHICAGO:? Michael Kilian,Connie Flether,F. Richard Ciccone, St. Martin's Press. 1979, New York, p.165.


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Chicago City Divided One


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TallAlmight Gaylord Nation Stands Tall Will Never FallPeople

In 1980, Chicago's Northwest-side was a white wonderland. There was not one Latino gang foothold within the confines of Pulaski Avenue going west and Armitage Avenue going north. Armitage Avenue intersects into Grand Avenue at some point, so yeah, that also. Basically, a Hobbit could go on a ring-quest all the way clear to O'Hare Airport and not be molested by any encamped Latino orges. To the east and south of this white wonderland white gangs are heavily engaged for miles against a flotilla of gangs bearing mostly Puerto Rican and Mexican flags. In the Humboldt Park area alone, in a population of roughly 70,800, over 40,000 whites, and other Americanized, have taken the White Flight already. On the two shaky borders of the white wonderland, Armitage and Pulaski Avenues, loosely interweaved at some points, there are some entrenched white gangs. White clusters are on guard like the Pulaski-bordered Kilbourn Park Gaylords and the Keeler-N-Armitage Freaks. These frazzled Freaks are some of the fallback from the Lamon-N-Wabansia Freaks who were engaged against the Latin Brothers. A hot spot that was, a church where a pastor sometimes offered sanctuary to the Freaks went ablaze by Latin Brothers' hands.

Deep within this white wonderland white gangs do dandelion-up but not in great abundance. When they do it is at a pristine hang-spot with pampered streets around it. Most of these boastful blossoms are short-lived ventures, high school teenagers just doing some experimenting with the hoodlum scene, probably because they have just caught a buzz-high from the wonder-wheeling gang movie 'The Warriors" (1979). In some extreme situations, having departed from Latino gang embattled fronts, hardcore white bangers do white flight touchdown with their families and the bangers strongly influence youth in virginal neighborhoods. A Moffat-N-Campbell Gaylord even manages to switch on a tractor beam in serene Dunham Park and area youths start glorifying Gaylords. In another peaceable area, Jefferson Park, around 1982, some die-hards from the C-Notes gang implant dollar signage into the minds of dirt-bike-idling teens, adjacent to dirt-trailed Labaugh woods, and they all rev up and become Jefferson Park C-Notes.

Spanish Immigration Chicago Public Schools

In this white wonderland public schools are daytime troubles spots. Not just frantic about the average dime-bag dealer of pot at these schools, hard working parents fork over the pricey tuition just to send their sons off to the protective shield of a private school such as St. Patrick's or Weber. Tax-funded Schurz High School has been an eruptible-volcano since the early 1970s, and here it is the 1980s and kaos still unfolds. All this because Latino gangs transit-travel in on madly markered-up CTA buses and the atmosphere is disrupted. Worse then Schurz is Kelvyn Park High School as it is jam-packed with Latino gangs. However, during vampire hours Kelvyn Park High School is closed and nocturnal Gaylords retake the area and are around vamp-draining any trespassers. The Gaylords are either employed at work or school during the day and the fireworks are bursting in their heads as they inventory the damage done by the daylight horde. These particular night-encamped Gaylords become known as the Kildare-N-Fullerton Gaylords and Wrightwood Street Gaylords.

Kildare and fullerton gaylords

In white wonderland there are no grungy Simon City Royals on corrupted corners. Because over 50% of the Royals roll call are byproducts of low-income families who can't afford white wonderland, their 8-10 locations are deeply engaged against the Latino gangs. One of their main-headers, Toddy Brewer, has just been killed by the Puerto Rican Stones. On a side note, the Simon City Royals and the Gaylords are still performing in scar-wars ever since 1975. In 1981, the Royal scoundrels cross the point of no return. They night-trespass and brashly catch a Gaylord, Wizard, atop the ridge of the railroad tracks behind Kilbourn Park and wind up stabbing him to death. Due to this the Gaylords at Kilbourn Park are in constant retaliation mode against the Royals. Incidentally, besides gang battling, the Simon City Royals themselves have become thrown masters of private-residence-thievage. They have also masterfully replaced the Popes on the tarnished thrown of their allegiance--Royal Pope Nation. In white wonderland there are small assemblages of the Popes that can be found at places like Mayfair Park and out-of-reach-from-there Dakin-N-Neenah. But these Popes are vastly evaporating. Dakin-N-Neenha is being targeted by the likes of the Sayre Park Gaylords.

1980s Cards

Just south of Grand Avenue, which has intersected with Armitage Avenue by this point, the Gaylords are black-stemmed, baby blue roses, with razor sharp thorns within the fine-fresh grounds of Sayre Park. Their turf is spacious as they stroll about the Montclare Theatre and the electro-Italy of Harlem Avenue. No nasty neighbors really, just allies, the C-Notes who hang out right to the east of Sayre Park at Normandy-N-Beldon, in an abandon factory. The C-Notes and Gaylords sometimes frequent the teen-aimed game-room "Grand Illusions." Maybe the C-Notes and Gaylords should have been paying attention to the title of the place they patronized. Because somewhere mid-course their intermingling their relationship zoom-booms and they are physically trying to remove each over irreconcilable differences. Popes, Gaylords, C-Notes, they often become Mad Maxs in the thunder dome at the teen-tramplin' Axel Roller Ring, in Norridge.

U.F.O. United Five Organization

As ET is playing on movie screens there are no more UFO sightings on Chicago's northside streets. The United Five-Fighting Org. is finished for good. C-Notes and Gaylords are bitter rivaling it up. The Chi-West is not street engaged. The reinvented Playboys are a self-busied clique in Cragin Park, inside white wonderland. Around 1982, the Playboys do a test-trial run at PVJ (Playboys, Ventures, Jousters). The Ventures are defunct but it is a ancestry moniker that is being re-visited. Doesn’t matter anyway, the PVJ carnival ride ends quick. The Jousters have two kingdoms but the draw bridges will be closed by the end of 1984. The Honore-N-Bloomingdale Jousters succumb to the suicide death of their leader and Latnio gangs. The Jouster's other knighted set, Hanson Park, is cyborg-patrolled by police after the two Simon City Royals are found dead within it. These particular Simon City Royals had erected a hang spot at Grand-N-Austin; guess white wonderland was having none of that. Police and media attention spotlights Hanson Park and the Jouster's banner is snuffed out. In the Gaylords' hoods of Sunnyside-N-Magnolia and Seeley-N-Ainslie they don't believe in UFOs anyway as they never really see the crew members. There are no Jousters or Playboys anywhere near them. However, near Sunnyside-N-Magnolia they do have Kenmore Boys and Up Town Rebels. But, what does it really matter anyway, like all white gang unities there is always some dishonor and the unity implodes.

In respect to violence, doing a lab-comparison of the entire white wonderland area to the Latino gang invasion arena is like comparing D-Day to Tombstone, the Western shootout. Besides the two lifeless Simon City Royals found in Hanson Park, in white wonderland a gang-warfare-produced casket only rolls out once every two or three years, if even that. In the other arena, coffins wreathed by weeping gang members are a customary scene. As Michael Jackson plea-sings "Beat It" teenagers are not just beating each other down and being blade runners. All over Chicago, neighborhoods have become interconnecting, cramped-tight foxholes where creepers pop out and exterminate each other with guns.

On the North side of the Windy City, in the splendor of the sewage of the streets, the expand-o-matic Latino gangs seem as they have been cursed by the 7 Deadly Sins: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony. The premature battle cry, the brilliancy of the collective call for all Latino gangs to unite under the oppressive sky scraper-ed city of Chicago, has been replaced by the reality of the nightmarish killing fields between Latino gangs: Spanish Cobras, Latin Eagles, Warlords, Insane Unknowns, Latin Kings, Maniac Latin Disciples, Yates Boys, Latin Stylers, Dragons, Spanish Lords, Orchestra Albany, Brazers, Milwaukee Kings, Latin Lovers, Imperial Gangsters, Latin Brothers, Campbell Boys, Harrison Gents, Ashland Vikings, Puerto Rican Stones and others. And in most cases it is just not one base blasting at one base, many of these gangs hold more then one well-grounded corner.

People and Folk Alliances

Since the 1970s, gangland-masterminds and ritualistic-rivals Jeff Fort and Larry Hoover have not only managed to mobsterize their individual black-oriented gangs, El Rukns and Black Gangster Disciples, they have been successfully adhering others to their cause. Unbelievably, mid-course all this magical-merging a colossus multi-cultural feat has materialized, two united nations: "Folks" and "People". Both leaders have even inter-fused selective Spanish gangs into their collective. Primarily prison-induced, the warring ingredients start turbo-building up on both sides. Even the white admixture of the Simon City Royals wheel and deals themselves in on the Folk-faction. As the A-bomb ripples of "People and Folks" are felt city-wide on Chicago's graffiti-slopped streets, 99% of the gangs are sucked into the vile vortex. For an individual gang the detrimental decision of becoming either Folks or People is trouble-free, disavowing the Death Star that has your immediate life-threatening storm troopers already subscribed within it.

Latin King Kingdom

The urban empire of the Latin Kings is a key element in one of the unifications, People. The Latin Kings started out as a Nationalist Puerto Rican gang, but since has been revamping their literature to be more accommodating to other races while bizarrely still pride-plasting Puerto Rican and Mexican flags. Incidentally, Latin Kings crown-imagery appears in many gangs' graffiti in Chicagoland, either right-side up or upside down; your either crown supportive or your repping disdain for them. Since they are a traditional monarchy they have amassed many Latino gang enemies and are bogged down with kingdom calamity.

Latin Kings, Gaylords, Relationship

The past-trespasses between the Latin Kings and the Gaylords are just about fossilized in certain minds at particular Gaylord branches. The vast majority of the early 1970s vanguards have stepped down already so there is a disconnect to the history of violence. The average Gaylord is too engrossed in the harsh realities of what is going on around his own hood; that 197Os scene is a just a fantabulous history page with legendary fighters. These days, Latin Kings and Gaylords rarely launch missiles at each others hoods. Unless of course you’re a Seeley-N-Ainslie Gaylord, as the Latin Kings are agitators on your borders and your elders are pounding the Honkey saga, where the Kings killed him, into your head. At Palmer Street the only heated moments you might have with Latin Kings are trivial, like when you’re both leaving the clanker of 14th District Police station, or something to that degree. Latin kings and Gaylords just have too many immediate enemies to contend with, and those enemies just happened to be allied together in the same Death Star. In 1983, because they have those same rivals flocking on the grounds at Schurz High School, the Latin Kings, along with other People unified members, such as Insane Deuces, meet with the Gaylords inside Kilbourn Park and a cease fire is put into effect at the school.

It is a disturbing poltergeist scream inside some of the hoods glazed by Gaylords' graffiti, as they try to digest and hold down the idea of consorting with Latin Kings. And in some Latin Kings' hoods the feeling is mutual. Many, on both sides, are actually supportive of it. After all, the actual act of survival out weighs certain past grievances. Fact is, the united front of all those stormtroopers in the rivaling Death Star is just too mind-torturing to contemplate. The Orchestra Albany, Latin Lovers, Maniac Latin Disciples, Spanish Cobras, Imperial Gangsters are just a tad-listing of gangs within it, and each of these gangs have more than one base cancering in on certain Kings' and Gaylords' hoods. Sure, the vast majority of Gaylords do have inner disdain for Latin Kings, after all they are just another Latino gang feasting on neighborhoods. But, it just seems diplomatic to make certain allowances as all sides are over-stretched. By late 1984, the simple cease fire at Schurz High School manifests into the Gaylords officially throwing in their weight behind the "People" unification. Each gang is its own bolted-down entity within the People unity. One set of Gaylords, Seeley-N-Anslie, shuns the decision. However, fundamentally as a whole, the Gaylords still are "Great American Youths Leading Our Rights Destroying Spics", but they are just going to have look past all those shooting-away Puerto Rican and Mexican flags displayed by some of the Peoples' members. And the Latino gangs within the People are just going to have look past all the Klan-craziness by some of the Gaylords. The enemy of my enemy is my friend--sort of, kind of.

Almighty Beldon and Knox

In the Spring of 1984 the corners of Beldon-N-Knox have some Gaylords that are trying to resuscitate the set which had fizzled out a year or so ago. When it was sizzlin' in the early 1980s the Beldon-N-Knox Gaylords had an ongoing fight-fest with the Keeler-N-Armitage Freaks. But that fighting fused out as did the Gaylords at Beldon-N-Knox; boredom sets in and guys move on with life. With that, the Keeler-N-Armitage Freaks eventually find themselves falling back from the Latino gang invasion beach head of Armitage to Keeler-N-Palmer, where they begin trying to monster-mash some Freaks and Gaylords together to form GFN (Gaylords Freaks Nation), in order to offset the oncoming Latino gangs. Some of these resuscitators, the new crew of Gaylords of Beldon-N-Knox, congregate inside a batty-cave game-room, basically a pit stop where Gaylords get re-fueled up on french fries, females and fast tokes of weed; and then pull on out to crash-roll through the occasional foe if he happens by. That all comes to a crashing halt at Beldon-N-Knox, after about six months, as the game-room closes down and everyone Rock-band disbands. Months later, with no resistance in place, except the grunt-faced fallen back Freaks, the threshold of Armitage Avenue is crudely crossed. And, a fierce specie, the Spanish Cobras, backed by fellow Death-Star trooper-ing Imperial Gangsters, obtain a foothold in white wonderland.

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