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Lords of Hamlin And Wilson

Almighty Hamlin And Wilson Gaylords

Hamlim and Wilson Gaylords We started out as a Bella Boys. The Bella Boys were a greaser gang that hung around Bella's Pizza on Montrose Ave. We wore gray and black and were always friends of Palmer Street Gaylords. We then became the Haugan Greasers and hung around Haugan School on Hamlin and Wilson. The Haugan Greasers were actually a gang from the late 60's that we revived from around 1973 to 1974. We were a combination of old Jensen Park Gaylords and Haugan Greasers. During that time Tuffy, of the Simon City Royals, tried to recruit us so that they could grow the SCR's territory. Seemed like a lot of gangs like the Popes, C-Notes, Jousters, Gaylords and Royals, were trying to recruit us in those days. Around late 74 we started representing as GL since we had a better relationship with Gaylords. There is some disagreement as to what Gaylord section recruited us. Some say it was Cleveland School yard and others say it was Palmer Street. There were members from both sets that came around on occasion. Either way, it was black and gray for us. We felt we needed to be apart of a larger gang since the Kings and Latin Eagles started moving in on us in those days. It was also very tense between us and the Royals and Popes. The Hamlin and Wilson Gaylords were very well respected in the neighborhood and there was rarely any problems at the Haugan School yard during the time it was run by Gaylords. If there was trouble, we had to go out and find it. We usually didn't have any problems finding trouble! We were a small set as compared to the larger sections and were only active until around 78. Unfortunately, drugs, prison, death and some bad street business broke up the crew. Because of the respect we had in the neighborhood, some of the guys got involved in putting money on the street. Over time, it became pretty lucrative and drew a lot of attention from some larger "investors" in the neighborhood. After coming up short with paying "street tax" to the local Outfit guys, most of the guys disbanded and some had to leave the state.

We had a great ride for a while. G-Thang! Gaylord Love!
Hawlin and Wilson Street corner and sign

Hamlin and Wilson street corner

17th Pulaski Police Station

Old 17th District Police station

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