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Gaylords, Long and Oakdale

The Almighty Long and Oakdale Gaylords

AlmightyAlmight Lords of Long and Oakdale GaylordsL-O

This is a picture of long and oakdale the two street corners meet at a dead end on oakdale your looking southwest.this is where l-o started most of the hanging out was on the 2 corners and then later on was split up one block east on lockwood and oakdale in front of the church

Almight Lords of Long and Oakdale Collage

NORTHEAST  CORNER OF L-O  EASTVIEW Looking at the northeast corner of l-o eastview walking east down that street will take you to the church one block away at lockwood and oakdale also l-o

Southeast corner looking southeast long and oakdale LOOKING SOUTHEAST LONG AND OAKDALE

VIEW OF THE CHURCH AT LOCKWOOD AND OAKDALE This is a view of the church at lockwood and oakdale where the gaylords hung out at.when anybody came by freind or enemy you where sure to find gaylords here all the years past on this was becoming more the meeting place

Front view of the church View of the front of the church

OAKDALE ON THE  SOUTHSIDE WALKING WEST TO CORNER This is oakdale on the southside walking west to corner

Oakdale ends here on long ave OAKDALE ENDS HERE ON LONG AVE

Long and Oakdale Gang Card