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Kilbourn Park Set

Lords of Kilbourn Park

Welcome to Kilbourn Park Chicago

The Almighty Kilbourn Gaylords

20th CenturyBowl Gaylords

Started out as the 20th Century Bowl Gaylords in 1969 - they eventually left the bowling alley and became the Kilbourn Park Gaylords.

Early 1970sLords of Kilbourn Park | Early 1970sKP/GL

Kilbourn Park powerhouse mural with Gaylords in front

Kilbourn Gaylords Viaduct Mural

Almighty Insane Kilbourn Stooges from the mid 1960s

Almighty Insane Stooges were a gang in the Kilbourn Park area before they decided to turn Gaylord in the Mid 1960s

Almighty Insane Stooges Kilbourn Stooges

A Gaylord from the 1970s had this to say:

"I joined the K/P Gaylords back in 72. Actually My buddy and I were Pres. and Vice Pres. of the Midget set at Kilbourn. What days those were, we used to hang out next to the parkhouse or sometimes over by the baseball diamonds on the bleachers. The older guys kept us distanced usually but we still had a good time. I have alot of respect for the older set, they looked out for us. If something was gonna go down they usually told us to hightail it out of there. We'd have guys stop by from L/A alot or some of the other clubs. Basically it was pretty peaceful, not like today with drive-bys and such. If you were going to rumble it was usually at a certain place and time agreed upon by the parties involved, although there were exceptions. Nobody usually messed with us at K/P because we were there in force. We went to a few parties with the senior members (man, what a time) at an apartment some of the guys shared up on Irving Park, but usually us m.g.t. stayed at Kilbourn, or on the C&NW tracks where no one would bother us. There was alot of cooperation between the different sets back then, and we even did public service work like clean-ups and such. The cops would come by once in awhile to check on us, mainly to see who was in and to b/s a little. As time went by you could see things changing on the horizon. More and more use of guns, and more ambush type attacks instead of a group rumble. Like I said earlier, the older guys always kept us out of trouble, like a bunch of big brothers. They were the good old days, and I can honestly say that I miss them, with all the good companionship that came along with it. You always had someone to talk about your problems with, and believe it or not you always got a great honest solution. None of us were into crime, or even causing trouble, all we wanted was to have a good time, and keep our neighborhood safe and peaceful for everyone else to enjoy. We saw what was going on in other neighborhoods and didn't want it to happen at Kilbourn. I owe all the other members a lot for making me who I am today. I have a nice family with 4 kids, a well paying job, and I was even a scoutmaster for awhile. All of this stems from the responsiblity shown by the members of the K/P Gaylords. I salute you all and may our fallen brothers rest in peace."

ALMIGHTYKilbourn Park Warriors Stand TallK-P

SeventiesKilbourn Park 1970s Gaylord RingoKPGL

R.I.P. Bear, Rocker, R.I.P. Ratt

Left to right: Bear, Rocker, Ratt, the Kilbourn Park Gaylords in the 80s

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