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Lady Lords

I went to Lloyd school and was attacked by Spanish Cobra Girls. My neighbor Rose Marie took me by the hand to a Gaylord club house at Fullerton and Cicero. A tall brunette guy with wavy hair handed me a Gaylord card and stared at me as he waited for my response. I remember reading it but I couldn't get my eyes off the KKK guys on the card. I looked back up at him smiled and said thank you.Then he walked away. It was kind of weird but that's how it happened.I never saw that guy again and don't know his name. When that place closed we hung out at Saint Gens on Montana St and Black Hawk Park off of Fullerton Avenue. I sure hung out with those guys. I remember Cerpico, John Janus. Brian O'B, Looper, John J, Dragon, Westley P, Tom J. I know I saw Lord Ozzy and Lord Polack too. One of the guys on the sight stabbed my sisters husband who was a Disciple. My sisters husband stole my precious Gaylord cards from my Lake Shore drive apartment. The guys name who stabbed him was on one of those cards. My sister divorced him. That's good but I miss my cards. Many of the guys were older and had Jobs and girls but they did stop by from time to time to check on things. I dated Loony(John).
Lil Mex!

Almight Lady Lords

From Left: Chica, Twiggy and Devious

Almighty GaylordettesThe Seeley and Ainslie Lady LordsAlmighty Lady Lords

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