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Our Prayer For The Gaylord Nation

"In GOD We Trust"

Cross of Gaylord Colors Black and Blue

Lord, Almighty Father, we come to you and ask for your gracious blessing upon all those who have served as members of the Gaylord Nation.

We believe our struggle to be righteous and honorable. We believe our battles to be necessary to protect others as our brother's keepers. We felt our purpose to be noble.

We ask you to forgive us for our past unrighteous deeds. We ask you to forgive us for the blood that we have spilt in battle and, the loss of life we have given. We ask you to be with the families of our enemies in their time of bereavement. We also ask you to forgive our enemies' sins as we respect them for meeting us in battle and, fully realize that they were also are caught up in the same world of survival on the streets.

We ask you to forgive the sins of our beloved brothers who have passed on and, we pray that they are with you. We hope to see them all again in a better world than that of the streets, where we had the hardships of a lifestyle of survival.

You alone Lord, are the true judge. You know our plight and our true hearts. We believed our intentions to be good. People may say that the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. This may or may not be true but, surely the pathway to heaven is paved with them. If our deeds are not as we perceived them to be, then lord, we offer the words of Jesus to you at this time, and quote them ; forgive them Father for they know not what they do."


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