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Newport Street Gaylords

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Pictures of The Newport Set Displayed with Pride

From a retired Newport Street Gaylords: Me, Stosh and Ean just got done playing a game of tackle football at the park, and I was taking Stosh home. Well when we turned on to Northwest Highway off of Harlem, there was about a good 10 Simon City Royals out there reppin. My lady rolled down the window and said, “We have a baby in the car,” so this scumbag bricked my ride. I was pissed, and dropped off my lady & son at a restaurant up a ways, pulled out some weapon's, baseball bats and a tire iron car jack, parked about a block away from the hot dog stand, and walked up there but they were all in the restaurant already. I ran in there mad like mfker and they all ran to the back except one, that one was mine to get while my homie's worked on the bitch's that ran to the back. I ran up to that big dude and hit him with a jack, He grabbed it and we were both holding the jack now. I was throwing his azz around but he wouldn’t let go, so I let go of one hand & punched that mfker in his face, and his nose was all fk up. But he pulled the jack out of my hand, and he did't even come at me with it. He threw it at us while was doing my thing. Ean(his first “get down”) got some Scrilla jumping over the table with the ball bat across his legs. Stosh was working on holding them all back; Ean was 3 or 4 years younger than me, and the same with Stosh. It felt good to smash them, but the guy that bricked my ride was the first to run away, and he was lucky too. I still have the paper about it. We all had combat boot’s, sweat pants, and mud all over us. They must of thought we were nut's looking like that!