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We all have our own opinions and perspectives. The Gaylords see themselves as having something in common with the American Indian. This is not just the fact that they have quite a few American Indians as members. The American Indians were unyielding in battle and they were in constant battle with new settlers and their armies through the 1700-1900s. The American Indians were trying to defend their lands from an invasion of people of different ideas, cultures, languages and other ways of living.


UIC Gang Study

Gang Research


Webmaster's Views

What I learned about gangs setting up this website:

The factual emergence of a street gang was not written to make heroes of those involved. But, to try to understand what caused the formation of these social systems and why they turned out as they did.

In the beginning, it was matter of survival. Clustered together in crowded inner city housing, with no encouragement for a better life than they were witnessing around them. These young men looked at what they had and fought for it.



Any stimuli that enters our society, whether it is illegal or a Government policy, has dramatic impact on some, and little change on others?


The new stimuli is acted out using the streets of our slums and ghettos as it's stage.


Drugs were in the ghettos and slums of American cities prior to 1950. The government did very little to try and stop the problem. The uninformed middle class did not know, or ignored the problem completely. When drugs became available to college students in the 1960's, these same people started to demand that the government take a stand against drug distribution.

Uncontrolled Immigration:

The number of immigrants from third world countries sharply increased in the mid 1960's. The government never put any procedures in place to mainstream these new arrivals into workable living conditions. As a result, these new arrivals, ended up moving into overcrowded slums and ghettos in the major cities around the country. This resulted in a sharp increase in gang activity in those neighborhoods as the poor who were establish in those areas clashed with the newly formed immigrant gangs fighting for what they felt was their piece of America.

The Test Tube:

The Streets of our Major cities.

Instead of condemning gangs for their actions, maybe society should look to itself for allowing the conditions to exist in which a group of people find it necessary to fight and kill for their survival.

Our gift to them has been to let the poor from other countries move in and try to take over what little our poor have. By doing this we encourage hate and violence. And, we waste the talent of our youth who are deprived of the bare essentials, have no incentive for education, and a future of death or crime.

Rewarding illegals in this country and not helping America's poor, feeling no compassion for the young that are living in slums and ghettos, and telling Americans they are stupid and lazy and unwilling to work hard - just hiring immigrants or exporting jobs overseas will not solve America's problems.

In the 40's, 50's, and 60's, a young man with an 8th grade education could look forward to a job in industry. Now you have to know someone, who knows someone, to get the job on the lowest step of the ladder. Until Americans wake up and start looking out for their own - even the most humble of us - do not judge the actions of others.

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        "Do not follow
         where the path may lead
         go instead where there is no path
         and leave a trail."
         Ralph Waldo Emerson

The webmaster of this website is a card carrying ACLU Member (membership number: 61335972) and is proud of that fact. He would not be afraid to call on the ACLU if his "Freedom of Speech" was violated in anyway by any organization.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are of the webmaster, and not the views of The Gaylord Nation.


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