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The dominant political figure among Chicago Italians for the past thirty years has been Democratic Congressman Frank Annunzio. Annunizio began his career in the mid 1930s as an industrial arts and history teacher at Schurz High School, became legislative and educational director of the United Steel Workers of America, chair of the War Rations in Illinois, and in 1949 director of the Illinois Department of Labor in the administration of Adlai Stevenson.

In 1992 old age and redistricting prompted Annunzio's retirement and loss of his district for Italian Americans.

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Almighty Reinberg Gaylords

Lords of Reinberg School 1971 - 1976

Almighty Reinberg Gaylord with Sweater Almighty Reinberg Gaylords one with Sweater
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A Retired Reinberg Gaylord Said this:
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"On December 26th 1972 after returning from a United Five Organization meeting, two Gaylords were jumped by a stationwagon full of K-Town Lords. 'Harpo,' a 14 year old member was found cowardly executed with multiple stab wounds to the back."



Harpo will always live in our hearts and in our minds!

Gaylord | Almighty Reinberg School Gaylord | Lords of Reinberg

Almighty Reinberg School Gaylords Almighty Reinberg School UFO Gaylords

Almighty Manor Bowl

Gaylord | Lords of Manor Bowl

1967 - 1969

Reinberg Gaylords At The Sugar Bowl Restaurant

Almighty Reinberg School Gaylords

The restaurant was called the "Beef Hut", but no one called it that. We called it what it was called back in the old greaser days, "The sugar bowl!" That was our hang out during the week. Picture was taken in the early 1970's.

Reinberg Gaylords Baseball Team Early 1970s

Almighty Reinberg School Gaylords Baseball Team

Senator Annunzzio Gaylord | Almighty Reinberg School1973

Gaylord | Lords of Reinberg

Reinberg School Boys, was from a softball team we had made up of Gaylords. It didn't say Gaylords anywhere on the shirt because we were sponsored by the Northwest Youth Outreach Center who's goal was to steer us in the right direction in life, and gang activity was looked down on. The pinnacle of this endevor was a game played at Thillens Stadium on the far North Side. It pitted us against the youth, and drug counselors from the Outreach Center. The first pitch was thrown out by state Senator Annunzzio, who later went on to become a congressman, and later a judge. The picture was in the local newspapers, I believe the Times, and said what a great job the Outreach Center was doing with the troubled youth of the Northwest Side. We didn't get to put Gaylords on the shirt, but the colors were correct, a fact that went over the sponsors heads. We also participated in a neighborhood clean up at Six Corners, Irving, Milwaukee, and Cicero. This was sponsored by the Northwest National Bank. We would go to the bank get brooms and garbage bags and clean and sweep the streets starting from the inter-section and cleaning two blocks in all directions. After that we were taken into the bank and fed lunch in their employee cafeteria, and paid five dollars. A picture was taken at this time and was also in the neighborhood newspapers.This cleanup continued for the summer that year, but got less and less people to show up each week. We got paid every week that we worked after that, but the free lunch was only supposed to be for the first week. No one at the bank bothered to tell the women who ran the cafeteria, so she kept giving us free lunch every Saturday, for about six weeks, until bank officials caught on. Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?

ReinbergReinberg School Gaylords Six Corner CleanupGaylords

Members of the Reinberg School Gaylords help out the community with a cleanup around the 6 Corners area ( Cicero -Irving-Milwaukee). left to right; Lil Mike, Shaft, Nick and Wino from the St. Gens. Gaylords. Early 1970s.

Reinberg Gaylords Group Picture Early 1970s

Gaylord | Almighty Reinberg School Gaylord | Lords of Reinberg

Rest In Peace Gator

Rest In Peace - Gator - Reinberg

Gator and his full name is Walter Viga Jr.