Wednesday, June 02, 2004

At the time insane was younger than I. He was just a kid when he died. And Geronimo wasn't even a Gaylord yet until after I left in "86. Both were young kids that didn't deserve to die. What happened to old time banging?


Blogger Lil Mick said...

I never really had any beefs with any of the Gaylords(it still hurts when I think about Larry; but you live by the sword; you die by the sword!)Later Lil Mick A\P;s kolmar & jefferson Parks.

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Blogger Lil Mick said...

Lil Mick A\P;s; When I said hurt before about Larry(Larkin) he was one of my best street partners. It was the fact the fool that fired the shots used to be a Almighty Pope before he turned to the K\P Gaylords. Ya him and Scottie P (who started the Sunnyside & Magnolia Gaylords! I lived down in that white mans ghetto back when it was totally crazy; 1976. I knew most of them Gaylords; and Rebels & wilson Boys; like people have said they had no Fear.I surelly represented that I was a North west side Pope. but since I lived in the hood it was cool. Question; who was that Gaylord that styled the Gangster war sweater down on Wilson does anybody recall? anoyher thing Dougie Wilson has passed on; Igot high with him a couple times he was a good guy; did;nt take no shit. Later Lil Mick!

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Blogger Lil Mick said...

I wish somebody would give some kinda comment to my input. I am not holding any kinda of grudges; even on the fact that Larkin was my best friend and street partner.So if you Gaylords can get back to me on some of my comments I would apperciate it. Later Lil Mick A\P;s 1971 to 1977. p.s. I am 52 years old; it went by so fast.HTML

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Blogger Lil Mick said...

Ya know I was reading an earlier blog posted by Pac-Man from 2004. It was about how they being the Gaylords; didn;t have any respect for him and that he is dead. Let me tell this he might have had his personal beefs with the K\P\G\L;s but that was do to the fact they smashed his windshield in his Dodge Challenger;( which was a choice ride)So ya;ll might as well take out that part at the bottom of each of blog which say;s God Bless all the kids killed in gang violence. He was killed in the prime of his life (19 years old )just was fixing to be married and was trying to get away from the gang lifeand let me tellyou that was hard for him cause of the reputation he had.So you can kiss my white ass. We are suppossed to be in this thing of ours together. Iknow I;m an old skool type but surely you can give him the respect he deseveres(excuse my spelling).Remember leaving all the gang titles aside we are just a bunch of White Men Trying to keep our history alive. Anybody can e-mail me at Later Lil Mick is and always willbe White and Right. Peace-out!!!

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