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Gaylords Documentary 7-12-2005

I'm a Rock, I'm a Stone, I'm a Gaylord to the Bone! I Said it, I Meant it, I am here to Represent it! We Show No Pity In Gaylord City!

The title says it all! These were great youths! I personally know about the struggle to preserve a neighborhood. I also grew up in the tough streets of Chicago's north side. My hat goes off to these guys. White youths are often portrayed as sheltered or that they know nothing about being poor. This was a struggle about identity, not one about money like most gangs today. These young men were misunderstood and treated like ordinary modern-day thugs. Everyday they found themselves more alone against newcomers. Ultimately, I strongly believe that these men went out like lions. No modern-day thug will ever experience the passion and the struggle to preserve ones land or territory. Itl.Plby. Elmwood Pk Sect.

This short documentary film (18 min 58 sec) is a historical overview of the evolution of Chicago's Largest White Street Gang, The Gaylords. It follows them from their inception in the 1950's until the Present Day. The piece explores what happened when the neighborhoods got marginalized because two cultures could not assimilate. Simple questions like the why, what and how lead to brutally honest responses from members in how they dealt with their opposition. A vivid recollection of what it took to walk the mean streets of Chicago as a gang member.

On the following pages, I have been posting pictures taken while Daniel was filming the segments for the documentary. A special thank you to everyone who particpated.

Grand and Ogden was one of the places the original Huron and Throop Gaylords hung out. Where North Community Bank stands today, stood LaRoc's Hot Dog Stand which was around in the 1950s through August 2003.

Some of the film crew and Gaylords getting ready to film the original clubhouse scene in front of the building which was the Gaylords' Clubhouse in the late 1950s through the mid 1970s.

Gaylords being interviewed in front of the the original clubhouse on Ohio and Noble.

Sayre Park Gaylords tell their story in front of the fieldhouse at Sayre Park.

More Sayre Rooftop taggings.

Some more rooftop taggings facing the old Duk's hang out.

Corner of the rooftop.

Sayre Park Gaylords represent in front of their taggings.