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Marshall Square/Spry School Gaylords - South Lawndale Gaylords

In the mid to late-50's, South Lawndale had a section at Spry School. The Gaylords in South Lawndale were made up of mostly Polish and Bohemian members. Their rivals were, the Vice Lords, Roman Saints, and Egyptian Cobra's.Spry Elementary School is located at 2400 South Marshall Blvd.

March 3, 1954

Gang Fight Gaylords Verses the Outlaws

The Gaylords Defeat the Outlaws in a basketball game 58 to 56, which caused a gang fight between the two teams. The gang fight started when 50 Outlaw supporters appeared for the fight. Eight persons were arrested. Some of the people arrested were armed with pipes and other weapons.

Almighty 24th and Whipple Gaylords

Lords of 24th and Whipple

A retired 24th and Whipple Gaylord (Little Stew) had this to say about his section: Our section was active from the late 1950s to the mid 1960s, when most of the members left to serve their country, as most of us were in the Harrison High School's ROTC program. We controlled from 21st to 26st Street, and from Whipple Street to Western Avenue, the Harrison High School area. Our colors were blue and gray, and our jackets had big "G"s for Gaylords. We hung out in front of the book store across from Harrison High School, and at 25th and Rockwell, in a garage where we fixed up and rode Cushman and Whizzer Motorbikes, eventually we got into Harleys.

We had around 60 members. We defended our neighborhood against the Satan Disciples and the Latin Kings. Our neighborhood was made up of mostly Polish and Irish.

21st and Oakley Gaylords

There were Gaylords on Oakley Street, between 21st and 26th Streets, during the sixties.

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