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Almighty Gaylords Chicago Gang History: explaining, documenting and defining one of Chicago's most well known North Side Street Gangs of the later half of the 20TH Century.

Chicago Gaylords Chicago Greaser Gang History: Historical Account of what it took to walk the streets of Chicago as white youth in the 1970s and 1980s. Learn why and how Chicago street gangs existed, and how the Gaylords grew from a neighborhood street gang in the 1950s into the largest white gang in Chicago.

First Street Corners History 1: The Neighborhood of Grand And Noble. First Street Corners Claimed By The Gaylords Grand and Noble, Grand and Ogden, and Ohio and Noble contained a large Italian population and was known for it's Italian clubs.

Gaylord Nation Expansion History 2: Chicago Gaylords Mid to Late 1960s. From a social club in the late 1940s to a greaser gang in the 1950s, The Gaylords became a force to be reckoned with. From the 1960s on, the Gaylords spread throughout the City of Chicago.

The Northside Alliance History 3: History of Stone Greasers and the United Five Organization

Chicago City Divided "1" History 4: People Nation Verses Folk Nation. City takes sides: you either followed Larry Hoover and the Gangster Disciples and joined the Folks, or you followed Jefferie Fort and the El Rukins/Black P Stones and joined the People, or you became an enemy of both the People and the Folk Nations.

Chicago City Divided "2" History 5: The Lawndale and Altgeld Last Alamo. Folk gangs outnumber People gangs by a large number

Chicago City Divided "3" History 6: The Gaylords' Last Battle - Drug Addiction

Gaylords' STRUGGLE History 7: The Gaylords see themselves as having something in common with the American Indian

Logan Square History 8: Logan Square Neighborhood Association . Gaylords particpated in Neighborhood

Lenny's Storm Troopers History 9: The Stone Greaser Hangout of the Sixties and Seventies

Our Prayer History 10: For The Gaylord Nation. In GOD We Trust

Lords of Lawndale History 11: The Gaylords' Book (1): Lords of Lawndale: My Life in a Chicago White Street gang

Lords of Kilbourn History 12: The Gaylords' Book (2): Lords of Kilbourn: A continuation of the Gaylord Nation in Old Irving's Kilbourn Park.

Gang Leadership Leadership 1: Gaylords leadership structure

South Side Gaylords Leadership 2: The Battle Over Sherman Park

Bronx Gaylords Leasership 3: New York Gaylords in The Bronx

Lady Lords Leadership 4: Gaylordettes or Lady Lords

Gaylord Sections Leadership 5: Sections or Sets or Turf that the Gaylords held

Original Club House Leadership 6: Ohio and Noble Club from 1960 to 1975

Lords of Lawndale Leadership 7: Lawndale and Altgeld Gaylords: Gaylords set founded in 1969

Lords of Kilbourn Park Leadership 8: Almighty Insane Stooges were a gang in the Kilbourn Park area before they decided to turn Gaylord in the Mid 1960s

Lords of St. Louis and Altgeld Leadership 9: St Louis and Altgeld started as a section of Lawndale and Altgeld

Lords of Cleveland Leadership 10: Started from the Palmer Street Gaylords and wore Black and Gray

Lords of Uptown Leadership 11: Sunnyside and Magnolia Gaylords controlled one of the toughest areas of Chicago - Uptown. Appalachian gang membership: Southern White gang membership; Chicago's Uptown had a large population of Southern White transplants.

Lords of Palmer Street Leadership 12: Palmer and California was the first Black and Gray Gaylord Section in Logan Square

Lords of humboldt Park Leadership 13: Moffat and Campbell: Gaylord Section located in Humboldt Park in the main fight zone

Seeley and Ainslie Leadership 14: Large North Side Gaylord Section in the Ravenswood area of Chicago. Chippewa Indian gangs: American Indian gangs; The Ravenswood section had a large American Indian population.

Newport Street Gaylords Leadership 15: Powerful set started as a section of Kilbourn Park

Sayre Park Gaylords Leadership 16: Large North Side Gaylord Section which was a merger of many tough local gangs

Reinberg Gaylords Leadership 17: Foreman High School Gaylords lead by the famous "Monster"

Montana and Kilbourn Leadership 18: The Lords of Montana and Kilbourn started from Kilbourn Park in 1984

Long and Oakdale Leadership 19: The Lords of Long and Oakdale Gaylords

24th and Whipple Leadership 20: The Lords of 24th and Whipple Gaylords

Hamlin and Wilson Leadership 21: The Lords of Hamlin and Wilson Gaylords

Murals and Taggings Murals 1: Chicago Gang Graffiti, Chicago gang art, Gaylord Murals and Taggings

Memorial Walk 2004 Murals 2: Lawndale and Altgeld battlefield revisited

Original Gang Cards Cards 1: Original Gang card macromedia flash movie

Rare Gang Cards Cards 2: Rare Gang card macromedia flash movie

Flipside of Gang Cards Cards 3: Flipside of gang cards, autographs, slogans, macromedia flash movie

Gang Sweaters Cards 4: Bounties of War, Colors, gang styling

United Five Organization United Fighting Organization: Greasers United an Alliance formed Among Greaser gangs

Insane C$Notes History Insane C$Notes: Tell their History in their own words

Almighty Jouster History A cousin gang to the Gaylords - Taylor Jousters history. The Taylor Jousters originated on Taylor Street in Little Italy in Chicago. The Taylor Jousters were originally called the Taylor Dukes.

PVP PVR History of the Playboys, Ventures, Pulaski Park, and the Rice Boys

Gaylords Film In July 2005, a film crew came to Chicago to film a documentary on the Gaylords. The highlights of the filming.

Webmaster The study of a Chicago street gang. The webmaster of this website is a card carrying member of the ACLU, and proud of it.